Dibanani CT's HIV/AIDS Workshops
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Dibanani CT offer free HIV/AIDS workshops to anyone who need more information, no matter how big or small the group is.
Jaco Lourens & Herman Groenewald with over 5 years of experience in hosting HIV/AIDS, Nutrition & Hygiene workshops, hosts workshops along Seppie Bornman.
Our workshops target the average person living in the community with basic or no knowledge of HIV/AIDS, without throwing medical jargon in the mix, we talk about basic HIV/AIDS facts, prevention, treatment & living healthy with HIV/AIDS.
Important in our community is nutrition, hygiene & child - spousal abuse.
Jaco Lourens & three councellors started Dibanani AIDS Project in 2007, been involved with several HIV/AIDS projects & HIV/AIDS care facilities such as Nazareth House.
If you like to know more about our projects, please feel free to contact us:
Seppie & Danie Bornman -
info@seppiestours.co.za +27832083237
Neall Stevens – Canada -
nehest@telus.net +14033579347
Gwen Lee